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Motor Insurance – which is also known as car insurance or auto insurance is a type of insurance which provides covers for loss or damage to any vehicle (two-wheeler, four-wheeler, commercial etc.). It is compulsory for all drivers to have either Third Party or Comprehensive Insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance

Covers both the insuree’s damages as well as the third party

Our Types Of Motor Vehicle Insurance

Third Party Insurance

Covers the insuree against third party losses and damages

How Does This Insurance Help You?

This insurance helps mitigate monetary harms due to accidents causing damage to the vehicles. The premium amounts that are payable by the person securing insurance for his vehicle depends on various factors like insured declared value, type of vehicle, age of vehicle, fuel type, age of the insured, etc

Road Accidents
Falling objects
Fire Ignition
Motor Vehicle Insurance

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    Motor insurance helps alleviate potential monetary harms which may be derived from accidents in the road.

    The premium amounts payable by the insuree depends on a variety of factors e.g the declared value. 

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