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Our health insurance is designed  to cover a part or all of a person’s healthcare costs. The insurer covers medical expenses that are directly related to hospitalisation costs, doctor consultation costs or medication costs. 

Full Coverage

This claim allow you to gain the full coverage in case of all medial cases.

Our Health Coverages

Partial Coverage

This insurance policy covers only a part of the healthcare costs.

How Does This Insurance Help You?

This insurance financially protects you from having to pay large, unexpected medical costs. It provides a peace of mind for you as you are able to focus on early treatments and provide faster medical support without any financial delays. It also provides the insuree the option of taking himself/herself and their family to a private hospital over a crowded public hospital. 

Emergency services
Laboratory services
Pediatric services
Ambulatory patient services
Health Insurance

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    The premium amounts that are payable by the individual or group depends on the age and number of people that want to secure Health Insurance. 

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