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A board is accountable for decisions at a high level, unlike the CEO. The board is responsible for the appointment and, if necessary, replacing the chief executive officer as well as fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities of the company to its shareholders and stakeholders.

Thus an effective and engaged board is one that treats staff members as colleagues and not navigate to this site about which is the best data protection service provider as subordinates. The most considerate and respectful board members respect staff and treat them with the same respect, even if the member of the board disagrees with the employee’s position. No matter the size an organisation, board members are required to act on issues that affect the organization’s mission.

The detailed minutes of meetings are crucial to effective board governance. These minutes can help members who aren’t in attendance understand the events that took place during a meeting, and they can provide clarity on any strategies or metrics that may need to be monitored. Boards who take the time to create clear, concise minutes will have a far easier time navigating legal challenges.

This blog post from SSIR will show you how to make efficient minutes for board meetings. The blog is a great resource for anyone interested governance of boards and governance, with a concentration on non-profit boards.

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