G Data Antivirus Review

When evaluating antivirus programs, it is important to consider the entire package. The performance of the software on third-party tests as well as its privacy features are all taken into consideration. Certain antivirus programs are integrated with PUPs, or potentially unwanted programs. These programs may alter your user experience in unwanted ways, like showing ads or altering your default search engine. They could also hog resources or install additional applications without your permission. G Data does an excellent job of keeping these intrusive applications to an absolute minimum. However, it does not have an option to block them completely.

G Data’s virus scanner is of the highest quality. It detects malware, and then removes it using a two-engine scanner. It also scans for properties of files and blocks exploits, preventing hackers from stealing your data. BankGuard is a component of the software, protects online banking and digital transactions, in spotting encryption Trojans. Anti-spam protection helps keep your inbox clean, while parental control allows you to control your children’s internet usage.

The software provides cloud backup and shredding to ensure that deleted files aren’t able to be recovered by criminals. It also includes an ad blocker and firewall that scans inbound and outgoing traffic for spyware and hackers. You can also add a VPN package to your package. The menus were difficult to navigate. The menu titles do not always appear instantly and switching between modules can be slightly slow.

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